Interview: 40oz folklore

40oz. folklore was formed back in 2008. And their hardcore is influenced by 80's US/HC and English oldschool punk as well. They contribute on Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1 with the song Soapbox. Here's the link to that song: 40oz. Folklore – Soapbox

1. Hello, how are you? Who are the members of 40oz Folklore? And please explain the name

Thanks! Everything is going quite well! We have Jamie Spall on drums, Sloan Stewart on lead guitar, Taylor Russell on 2nd guitar, Joshua Mc Avoy on bass and I'm on vocals. This current line up has been together for 2 years now. Jamie and I are the only original members from the start, 5 years ago in 2008. Taylor joined a few months later. We originally had a different vocalist, at first, and I was the lead guitarist for about the first 8-9 months before I got on vocals. Sloan played in a previous band with Jamie and I called, Tyber Stryke, from 2005 to 2007. He rejoined us in 40oz. Folklore, in 2009, and Joshua joined us in 2011 replacing the original bassist.

The name 40oz. Folklore comes from the fact that we enjoy drinking beer in that size. It is usually one of the most expensive ways to purchase beer in that quantity. We don't have much money so we try to get the most bang for our buck!

2. How would you describe your music? And where do you get your influences from?
I think our music is somewhat of an old school influenced style of hardcore punk with a more modern sound to it. Some of our influences include Chaos UK, Poison Idea, Conflict, GBH, Circle Jerks, Germs. Mainly 1980's Los Angeles hardcore and '82 style UK punk.

3. How often do you play live? And where do you like most to play?
For the first 4 years we would play at least twice a month. I've been in Los Angeles attending school, so we haven't played in about 10 months. I return to Tennessee in a few weeks and we have our first show, in almost a year, scheduled in August. It will be our 100th live performance and our 5 year anniversary show.

We prefer to play out of town, rather than in our own city. The people in other places seem more receptive to our music than the local people are to us. We are the only hardcore punk band from our town, and the people in our city seem to prefer pop oriented punk bands. Though most of our shows have been in town, it's much better for us when we play in a different city.

4. What have you released so far? Any good critics?
As far as releases, we have one "official" album called "Something's Wrong With This Picture" released during the summer of 2011. Previous to that we have a demo of songs recorded in 2009-2010. We've been on a number of compilation albums, many of them put out by Ungovernable Resistance DIY Radio.

The response to our album has been very good. We've had some really nice reviews from it. Our demo pretty much got trashed by MRR, calling us a dime store oi band, with a bad Tom Waits impression on vocals. I thought that was pretty funny, considering we sound nothing close to oi music! lol!

5. Well, what will happen with the band in the future? Any realistic dreams?
I will be getting back with the band and returning to Tennessee very soon. We plan on recording 3-4 new songs, ASAP, then putting out a split EP with another band, as of yet to be determined. We also have a short 7-10 day tour of the south/east part of the US planned for later this summer. We would like to get out to the UK and Europe in the summer of 2014. That all depends on our financial situation once the time comes and if we'll be able to afford to get over there.

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