Interview: Irritation

Irritation from Sala/Västerås, Sweden belongs to one of the rawest existing band in Sweden. And Befa is a good guy, so I really wanted to have Irritation on the Compilation. Here's the link to their song "Ingen lysande framtid". Irritation – Ingen lysande framtid

1. Hey Befa, what's up? Do you have a new line-up, who are in the band today?

Yes i´ve recruited some new guys to the band and it´s Joel from Passiv Dödshjälp, Kronisk Misantropi among others on drums and Fredrik Thölin from M.B.E and Dissober on bas

2. Do you have any plans for the summer?
No specific plans more than rehearse and drink beer but we recorded 10 new tracks last weekend and we´re looking for a label/labels that can release them and we´re also looking for gigs so all you punk promotors out there can book us ´cause we´re pretty cheap

3. Do you see Irritation as a band or is it your project?
Yes we are a band but i still do the riffs and lyrics by myself.

4. How would you describe Irritation for people who've never heard you?
Swedish crust/d-beat with influences from Skitsystem,Martyrdöd and maybe some Uncurbed like riffs.

5. Ok, let's finish this, do you have any last words, or any plans for the future?
Like i said we´ll hopefully find some label that will release our stuff and we´re also looking for gigs/tours both abroad and in Sweden and we will continue to rehearse on regular basis ´cause i have songs written for about 3-4 albums. Cheers and thanks for your support!!!

6. Contact info:
Contact me at mattias.bergfelt@gmail.com or visit or FB-page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Irritation/143064402425259?ref=hl and leave a message or comment and our Myspace are fucked up by Myspace themself so i don´t care much about that page...

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