Interview: Los Mas Peores

I don't know too much about the punk scene in Argentina. But one of all bands is Los Mas Peores. They play really good hardcore/crust. It's always fun to find new bands from parts of the world where I don't know much about their local scene. So let me introduce Los Mas Peores, and here is their song on Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1: Los Más Peores – Superficial

1. Hey, what's up? Please introduce the band and give us a short story of Los Más Peores and also your influences?

Los Mas Peores is a hardcore punk band from the south of Argentina. We've been playing together as Los Mas Peores since April 2012, but Dany (drums) Mauricio (guitars) and me (bene-vocals) have been playing together for 11 years with a previous band that released 6 records and played in many places. We decided to finish that project and start a new one adding Melisa, who plays bass guitar. The name of the band is a word-game which is difficult to translate to English but it may be something like "The most worst ones" and it's an internal joke because we think that we suck. Our influences are quite wide, from crust core bands such as Los Crudos, Migra Violenta, Charles Bronson to more traditional hardcore bands like Terror, 7 seconds, Minor Threat, etc. We all listen to different styles according to our moods but we try to not put much of these influences into our music because we're trying to write and play our own thing.

2. I'm not sure I've heard any punk from Argentina. How is the punk scene, and can you recommend any bands?

Well punk hardcore scene in Argentina is diverse; there are so many bands, genres and sub-genres. Particularly in this part of the country, which is quite far from the main scene which is located in the capital city, Buenos Aires, the common style is Punk Rock (like The Ramones and such) and there is a little bit hardcore and metal around. We belong to a punk-hc scene that supports or at least is aware of political organizations such as socialism and anarchism, we try to send a message to the people and we try to tell people how's living in Argentina with corruption, repression and more. Government is fucked up and they want to fuck you too, so is important for us to talk about those things, like native tribes and people being killed by the government or politics becoming millonaires of stealing money from people and such. There are many bands to recommend: Enquirer, Los Caidos, Gerk Crust, Migra Violenta, Quemacoches, Operativo Exposicion Total and many many more.

3. What do you know about Sweden and the Swedish scene?

Me (Bene) had a friend in Sweden, her name was Sheena and she recommend me some music from there such as The Pain, Mob 47 and Anti Cimex, which I know are quite popular there, but far from there I don't know much, it would be nice to know more about it. With Internet these days is easier to communicate, spread a message, keep in touch with other scenes and that's one of our goals, to exchange and be able to spread our music in any country. Absolut Country from Anti Cimex is a great record.

4. How is a perfect Los Más Peores gig? How many gigs have you done? And have you played outside Argentina anytime?

Well, on friday it will be our 6th gig, we have just started and perfection would it be total crazyness and chaos. We're used to total chaos, like people having lots of fun and participating from the gig, that's one of the things I enjoy the most: giving total permission to people to express and participate from a show. Sadly, right now, people is quite affraid of our crazyness on stage but I think they will become more used in the future when this kind of music becomes aknowledged by people. I know many people from here know us from our previous band, but I think now we're truly unleashed hehehehe. With our previous band we used to play in Chile a lot, we've been invited with Los Mas Peores several times to Chile but work and responsabilities keep getting in the middle, but we will do it eventually.

5. So, what is your future plans?

Our future plans are recording a long-duration record. We have just recorded a demo for ourselves to examine the music and finish the lyrics and we will start recording in July (on winter's break). A part of this demo can be heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JeB-HZEl-U
There are two labels interested in editing and releasing our record and we're very happy with this, because for us that's how things should work in a DIY scene, everybody helping everybody. We have a distro that distributes material from many bands and it's available at our gigs and we're very happy that people actually are interested in our music and message. Then we're gonna tour at the end of the year for several provinces and cities, many of the dates are already settled and many people are expecting for us, so we're very excited on how things are turning for us.

6. Contact info:

You can contact the band through or facebook page http://www.facebook.com/losmaspeores or write an email to our distro mail: destroythefalcon@gmail.com
Cheers and thanks to you for the interview!

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