Interview: Mindless Violence

Mindless Violence from Skopje in Maccedonia play very good hardcore...
Here is their song "One Spirit" on the Schizo Punk Comp.

Mindless Violence – One Spirit

Too punk for the hardcore kids, too hardcore for the punk kids,
too mainstream for the thrash kids, too thrash for the mainstream kids."

1. Hey hey, let us know the story of Mindless Violence.

Hi, we’re formed in Skopje, Macedonia in 2010 by Marko-vocals, Aleksandar-guitar, Kristijan-drums and Vladimir-bass, but we made some changes in the lineup, so currently the bass player is Stefan. We have one demo and a 7 inch split with Damage from Linköping, Sweden.

2. How is life in Macedonia, and the punk scene as well?

Well, the everyday life in Macedonia is hard. Small country that still is looking to find a place in the European Union and the people are living one day at a time. On the other hand, the punk scene is doing well. We have many great bands, but the sad thing is that we don’t have decent place to do shows. So if we do it in a club, usually the club will have all the profit, not the bands. So the shows usually are made in underground garages.


3. Have you done any gigs in former Yugoslavia? Where do you prefer to play then? How would you describe a perfect M.V gig?

Because we are still young band, we only made a show in Belgrade-Serbia, and we are hoping that maybe next year we are going to make a tour around former Yugoslavia. But we still prefer to play in Skopje, because it always harder to play in front of your own crowd. The shows are always filled with positive attitude, no kick boxing and other mixed martial arts. A simple circle pit, sing-along, moshing show.

4. What is your lyrics about? How do you write your songs?

The lyrics are about stuff that piss us off, but we also have lyrics that inspired us from some personal experiences. As far as writing songs, if somebody have a new riff or new lyrics we make a song.

5. Any future plans? What will you do this summer?
This summer we are preparing for our new EP release called „Забот на времето“or on English “The Tooth of time”. After that we are going in the studio to record our first LP and maybe a tour around former Yugoslavia. 

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