Interview: Spotlicks

Spotlicks from Stockholm, Sweden is one of my favorite bands and their punkrock appeal to me very much. They went out on their second euro-tour this spring 2013 and did a couple of gigs in the UK. The song they participate with on Schizo Punk Comp is called Apati and here is the link to that song on Schizo Punk Comp.
Spotlicks – Apati

1. I think that everyone who read Schizo Fanzine and Schizo Blog have heard about you, but please write a brief history about Spotlicks

Spotlicks have been together since early 2010. Staffan and Rikke had been fiddling about a few times but it all came together when Elin made her entrance. We hit our spot straight off from the start and have been playing our brand of melodic punk since then with a 7" and a 10" under our belt along with some compilations. Two European tours but we keep yearning for more.
2. You did a UK tour this spring 2013, what's your best memories from that tour?
The best was to hook up with the wonderful Buiten Gebruik again! Too bad they couldn't play any gigs, we would have loved to see them live again. Apart from that it was great to be in Brighton, London and Leeds and to meet lots of great people. Thanks to everyone involved, really!

3. I know that you are gonna record (or have recorded) a few tracks, what will you do with those tracks?
It totally depends on how well we manage this time as we've gotten more picky and want a Good result before we decide to share it. Possibly there's a new record to come in the end.

4. How many copys have you sold of your 7" and your 10"?
Oh, a couple of hundred at the most.

5. What about the future, any plans?    
The usual: recording and touring. Improve our songs, recordings and concerts. We're putting together a tour package for Sweden in september along with Head-ons, Smash it up and Suicide syndicate. We hope to return to England aswell. If you have any ideas for gigs then please get in touch!
6. Contact info:
You can reach Spotlicks through our Facebook profile or just send us a mail: spotlicks@gmail.com

Thanks to you Schizo!

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