Interview: Rännstensorkestern

Here is their song from Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1
RännstensOrkestern – Mördarn

1. Ohoy guys... please write the short story about Rännstensorkestern. What have you released so far? And how would you describe your sound?

RännstensOrkestern was formed 2010 by 4 punks that went in highschool togheter. Rännstensorkestern is in fact the reunion of HunDRunK, witch was active between 2002 and 2007.  

RännstensOrkestern has so far released one EP called III. That EP was released in 2010.
in 2011 we released a single called Vila i frid, and the year after the single Tony 2ton was released and was featured on Turist i tillvaron vol 4. and with this CD our song Mördarn is released!

Hopefully we will get the money we need to release our first full length album this summer. All songs are recorded but we aint got the money needed to finish them yet....

Our sound is like advanced heavy thrashy punk. with a touch of hate. Our music is our feelings so every song is a bit different, but the frustration and aggression is allways there.

2. Is it true that you actually are the best band in the world?

Honestly, yes.

3. How is the scene in the part of Sweden you come from? Do you have anything in Timrå, or do you have to visit Sundsvall for some fun?

The scene is totaly dead. Very sad cus Sundsvall uesed to be punksvall. Now its all long gone. It seems like punk is all forgotten in these shitty towns called sundsvall/timrå. So we have to leave norrland for some fun at all.

4. So what do you think of the Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 result? Any cool bands?

We love the cd. Its wonderful to see that there is still fantastic punk around the world and its wunderful to be a part of it.We honestly think its the best record in the world. So far we have all liked M.O.R.A and Razorblade smile. But everything is super as we said before. So i just hope we will heare more from all the bands!

5. What will you do this summer? And do you have any future plans?

To complete our record is the goal of the summer. So we will hustle some homemade booze to get money. Besides that we are going to get shitfaced, and just enjoy the summer. In autum we will get as many livegigs as we can and hopefully wright some new material.

6. Contact info:

Sebastian Danielsson 0731811929 Monsuc@hotmail.com

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