Interview: Razorblade Smile

Razorblade Smile is a really good UK punkrock band. And they deserve all the best since they are just as good as all the classic UK punkrock bands. Here is their song "35 Years (go to hell)"
Razorblade Smile – 35 YEARS (go to hell)

1. Oi! Oi!, what's up? How is the punk scene in Glasgow?

Punk scen in Glasgow is pretty healthy and very underground D.I.Y.

2. Please introduce the band? And the obvious question, Celtic or Rangers?
Well we're a 4 piece Kate on vocals, Roddy on guitar, Shug on bass and Davy on drums. Roddy and Shug are Rangers , Kate is Celtic and Davy is Motherwell.

3. Do you want Scotland to be independent from England?
Yes we would like to see Scotland get independence.

4. Please describe your music and what is your lyrics about?
Our music is Punk rock and our songs are about life and descrimination against the poor.

5. What is your future plans?
Well our future plans are to gig more outside scotland maybe europe some day.

6. Contact info:
Anyone can contact the band via facebook . Razorblade smile

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