Interview: Demöralyzér

The bass player Jan from Demöralyzér speaks out some interesting thoughts about CZ. I like their sound, crossover hardcore punk. It would be cool to see Demöralyzér live, hope they can make it to Sweden in the future.

1. Hey hey, can you introduce the band? Members, releases etc.
Cheers from Pilsen, Czech republic. My name is Jan I am 33 and I play bass in the band. Instead of it I am tattooist and I have a tattoo shop called Garáž tattoo in Pilsen. Demoralyzér was established in 2009 and first line up was: me - bass, šváb - guitar, majty - guitar, vápno - drums, páv - vocals, dodo - vocals. We recorded our fist and only demo in 2011. Two songs of this demo appeared on some compilations. Then Majty and Dodo left the band to start another band, some kind of hipster metal or shit like that.

2. How is the punk scene in Czech Republik?
I am not much interested in czech scene, sorry.Different scenes in our country are divided, there is not much unity here. In Pilsen most punks are conservative and ignorant red necks. There are few old punk bands here which started in 80ies and still play. Instead of us there was only one other band in Pilsen that played fast hard core and it was Barrel. they don´t play anymore but the singer runs punk hard core pages called Raw zine http://rawezin.wgz.cz/. Pilsen is full of hipsters listening to some post metal hard core emo shit. There is quite strong extreme hard core scene in Czech but really not in pilsen. I am more into czech bands from 80ies so I am not good for this question. There are also few interesting big festivals in our country - Extreme obcsene - grind, metal, crust, gore, Fluff fest - hard core fest for pc kids - It is near Pilsen, Mighty sounds - punk, ska, Hc, Pod parou - punk, hc. Time to time I do with my friends in Pilsen benefit gigs for anti racist activities, It is called Beats and riffs. There is also streetpunk crew called Pilsen trojans crew and they do anti racist oi/punk gigs but their shows are now situated more in Prague.

3. What is your lyrics about? And how do you write your songs?
Our lyrics are "havin a laugh and havin a say with a touch of hate" haha. I made some lyrics and it is always about something that pisses me off but I want to write it in a funny way and add some excessive hateful attitude. I don´t like serious pathetic pc lyrics. Other members do lyrics their own way but it is never pathetic.

4. How many gigs have you done so far? And how is a perfect Demöralyzér gig?
I am not sure but I think 20 gigs. We don´t play much maybe we should promote our band more. Perfect gig - good bands on the bill, no emo/post/screamo/hipster shit on the bill and not to be the last band on the bill:).

5. Do you have any plans for the summer and the future?
No plans for summer, maybe few gigs and in the future we want to make some official record.

6. Contact info:
Thanx for interview and for compilation, keep the faith, here is contact: krtektattoo@centrum.cz
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dem%C3%B6ralyz%C3%A9r/153291194731541?ref=tn_tnmn

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