Interview: Återfall

Do you like Driller Killer? Fine, then you should like Återfall as well. This band with members from all parts of Sweden are an extreme raw band. I really appreciate that they are a part of the Schizo Punk Comp and look forward to their new 7". Here is the link to their song on Schizo Punk Comp. Återfall – Day Of The Rope

1. Hey Magnus, please write a short story of Återfall
We started the band in late 2008 as a 2 man studioproject, in the beginnig of 2009 we started to rehearse

2. Where do you get your influences from? How would you describe your sound?
Like a mix between Lasse Dalqvist and Sarcofago

3. How many copys do you have left of your 7"? Any good reviews?
The record is sold out, maybe storpunkarn Anton Cimex have some copys left, only good reviews

4. You all live in different places, how often can you get together and rehearse? Is it right that you have 2 different line-ups, one for gigs and one for recordings?
Not very often, we only rehearse before gigs. and on the recordings only 3 of 5 members have participated for some kind of reason...

5. Well, it's time to end this, what is your future plans?
PPP Records are going to release a 7" , just finished recording the songs

6. Contact info:

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